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1. “Talin NFT” is a digital art collection that exists on the Ethereum Network, in the form of NFT (Non-Fungible Token). 

2. “Artwork” means any art, graphic, image, design, etc. affiliated with the Talin NFT that you own in accordance with these Terms of Use. 

3. “NFT” is a non-fungible token that exists on the blockchain network. (i) It is issued with metadata information about the work, such as images and videos, and (ii) the NFT holder has specific rights to the work. It means a blockchain-based digital asset that is granted.

4. “Secondary work” means a work created by translation, arrangement, transformation, adaptation, video production, or other methods. However, a simple copy of the work or a transformation without substantial change does not constitute a secondary work. 

5. The phrase "Project" (Meta Tao Co., Ltd) refers to the operation of the official website, creating the road map and storytelling of the Talin NFT, offering additional benefits, and managing the community (SNS such as Discord, Twitter, etc.)


1. Retention of NFTs. Talin NFT is an NFT based on the Ethereum blockchain. When you purchase NFTs, you retain all NFTs purchased by you. The transfer of ownership rights of NFT is entirely made through a smart contract on the Ethereum network, and we (Meta Tao Co., Ltd) seize the Talin NFT or the rights you have in any case; It cannot be restricted or changed. Furthermore, the Talin NFT, which has been purchased once and transferred, cannot be exchanged or refunded.


1. Personal Use. Subject to your continued compliance with these Terms of Use, we will provide you with a worldwide, separate, worldwide scope of works in connection with the Talin NFT that you hold, available to you for the following purposes: grant you secondary creature, a royalty-free, non-exclusive license from as long as you legally hold the Talin NFT, your license will be maintained and you may use the work for the following purposes:

a. Personal, non-commercial use
b. Use to function as part of an exchange that allows you to buy and sell Talin NFTs you hold; However, at this time, the exchange must verify the rights of each holder in an encrypted way so that only the holders of the actual Talin NFT can publish the Talin NFT and related works.
c. Use to function as part of a website or application of a third party that allows you to include or participate in the Talin NFT in your possession; However, the website or application of a third party encrypts the rights of each holder so that only the actual holder can publish works related to Talin NF. If the holder of the Talin NFT leaves the website or application, the work must no longer be published.

2. No modification, secondary creation and commercial use. We do not allow any modification, secondary creation, or commercial use without prior consent of the Talin NFT and related “works” that you own. Prior consent is required for this purpose.

3. Reservation of Rights to Works. Possession of Talin NFT does not acquire intellectual property rights or any other rights such as copyrights for the work itself linked to Talin NFT. Talin NFT does not mean specific rights such as intellectual property rights including copyrights and trademark rights, portrait rights, and commercialization rights per se, and holding Talin NFT is linked It does not mean possessing the published work or acquiring rights such as copyrights related to the work.

4. EXCEPTIONAL RESTRICTIONS OF USE. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you agree that you and any third party may not: If the following is confirmed, you may lose your right to use the Talin NFT granted to you under these Terms of Use.

a. Do not use Talin NFTs or works (including extended creatures) that (i) infringes on the rights of others, such as hate, intolerance, violence, cruelty, or libelous remarks; (ii) drugs (regardless of prescription and over-the-counter), other drugs, death, pornography, adult or explicit sexual acts, massage parlors, prostitution, dating or escort acts, weapons or ammunition , (iii) insult or discrimination against an individual on the basis of race/nationality/gender/religion/disability/ethnicity/sexual orientation/gender identity or age/health condition and/or political party and political affiliation; (iv) impersonation of another person; Infringement of intellectual property rights, including intellectual property rights;

b. Any use that interferes with our business or damages our reputation or credibility, including by creating products or services that can compete with Talin NFT

5. Intellectual Property Rights. Other than the rights granted above in respect of the work, you are not granted any rights to any other trademarks or intellectual property rights, including Talin or other NFTs and related logos issued by us.

6. License Term. Any rights you hold may only be exercised while you hold the Talin NFT. From the moment you lose your right of possession due to sale, transfer, gift or any other disposition to Talin NFT and Meta Tao Co., Ltd you cannot exercise any rights under these Terms of Use.

The conditions on the 2nd transaction 

The clients may freely sell or buy Talin NFTs on the exchange as prescribed by these Terms of Use. With the second transaction, 7.5% of the Talin NFT price will be charged as a royalty fee.

Burden of risk 

You agree and acknowledge the following:
1. When you sell Talin NFT, the price of NFT may not be the same as at the time of purchase, and you may be affected both positively and negatively by the price fluctuations of other NFTs. You agree to accept all risks associated with your purchase and transaction of Talin NFT. Talin NFT produced and distributed according to this project is not provided for investment purposes.

2. The ownership right of the Talin NFT means only the possession of the NFT related to the work. Accordingly, no information contained on this website (or any document referred to on this website) shall be regarded as advice or proposal for concluding a contract for investment purposes. In addition, nothing on this website shall be regarded as an offer to purchase stocks, securities or other financial investment products. Due to the artistic nature of this project, the MetaTao Co., Ltd is not registered or approved by any regulatory body of any jurisdiction. Accordingly, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that any Talin NFT and Artwork you purchase complies with the laws of the jurisdiction in which you reside.

3. You are responsible for making Internet-based currencies (including but not limited to the risks associated with hardware, software, and Internet connections, the risk of introduction of malicious software, and the risk that third parties may gain unauthorized access to information stored in your wallet) (including digital assets) assume all risks associated with its use.

4. NFTs, digital assets, and blockchain technology are relatively new and the regulations on them are unclear. The new regulation could have a negative impact on blockchain technology, which could negatively affect the value of the Talin NFT you hold. You understand this and assume all risks.

5. You assume all responsibility for any adverse impact caused by the disruption of the Ethereum Network or the Ethereum Platform or any other issues affecting it.

6. All NFT transactions are made on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, users are fully responsible for the security and management of their personal Ethereum wallet (wallet's private key, etc.), and for verification before approval of all transactions and transactions generated on this website. In addition, since the smart contract regarding Talin NFT runs on the Ethereum Network, you acknowledge that it is not possible to cancel, reverse or restore transactions related to Talin NFT.

It is possible to postpone, suspend, or terminate the project at any time according to business conditions.
The clients acknowledge and agree to this.

Change of Terms of Use
1. We may change these Terms of Use at our discretion. When the Company changes these Terms of Use, the Company shall specify the effective date of the change and the reason for the revision, and notify it by posting it on the website from 7 days before the effective date to the day before the effective date along with the current conditions of use. However, if important regulations regarding your rights or obligations are changed, or if the contents of the terms of use are changed unfavorably to you, you will be notified in the above way at least 30 days before the effective date. These Terms of Use will be continuously updated on the website, so we encourage you to check these Terms of Use periodically for any changes.

2. If you continue to use Talin NFT without any objection after these Terms of Use have been changed, you will be deemed to have accepted the changed Terms of Use. If you do not agree to the amended terms and conditions, you may not use the Talin NFT. These Terms of Use (including but not limited to your access to and use of the Website, your use of the NFT, or products sold or distributed through the Website) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea. Disputes between the Company and users are resolved by litigation with the Seoul Central District Court under the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.

Jurisdiction and Governing Law

These Terms of Use (including but not limited to your access to and use of the Website, your use of the NFT, or products sold or distributed through the Website) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea. Disputes between the Company and users are resolved by litigation with the Seoul Central District Court under the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.

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